We did a whirlwind tour this week! Within four days we were in Westchester and Nauvoo, Illinois, doing firesides and giving a personal tour of Nauvoo to some friends. Then we booked it home to Chillicothe to perform with the Livingston County Jamboree Band for the county fair, then on Wednesday, I sang the National Anthem with some friends of mine before a ball game! We were blessed to meet many lovely people who have great testimonies! We also met some who have struggles, yet were strengthened after hearing what we had to say. That is why we do this, to strengthen and uplift others, although I am quick to say the credit for that goes to the Lord 🙂 It is the Spirit that lifts them, we just show up to speak and share music! Love this work! We are grateful to all of our patrons, we could not do this without the help of others. As patronage grows we will be extending our dates and travels! For information about becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month, go to the Patreon link on this page!

Southern Gospel


June 8-13th, 2017, found us blazing the mountains and hollers of the Smoky Mountains, more precisely Tennessee. We did two firesides, one in Knoxville, and the other in Sevierville, close to where I was born in 1962. Oh my! Love getting in the midst of those accents again! It didn’t take long for me to swing back into that mode either 🙂

I was humbled by the genuine hearts and new friendships which were formed. Since coming home I have had a lot of feedback from those who have experienced suffering in their family, and they said to me that they have a renewed hope in mending fences and pulling their families together. Responses such as these strengthens me to keep doing this work for if we can reach even one heart and motivate it then we have achieved our purpose! In saying that, I must convey that it is the Spirit that moves such wondrous emotions and all credit goes to the Lord, not us. We are looking forward to July in Nauvoo, and August back to Tennessee!

Note: The funding process we had for paying our travel expenses for the past sixteen years is no longer available to us due to new guidelines. We have an addition to our page called Patreon, for those who want to sponsor us and keep this work going for as little as $3 a month! We have seen many lives changed as we have been doing this work, even our own. We appreciate any help. Become a patron and take part in this journey we are on!

A Little Piece of Heaven

This past Sunday we did a fireside for the missionaries at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, and it was such a choice experience. There were many genuine people there who have both feet on the ground in the gospel. That’s a hard thing to do in the times we live in. There are so many things that we have to weigh carefully so as not to offend, it seems as if we are always walking upon fragile glass. But there is no glass when you drive through the gates at Adam-Ondi-Ahman. There is a shift and everything is calm and peaceful. When you walk the trails at the different sites you have moments that your mind can claim as its own, to drift and ponder where it will, and have a private conversation with the Lord. This is where, no matter what you are going through, you can breathe in the air, feel the Spirit, and find some healing. Does it solve all of your problems? Of course not, but you leave knowing that even though you’re going back to a world of trials, the Lord is with you always, and He will help you through it. It has been such a blessing in many ways to do our firesides for the past sixteen years and we look forward to doing them for many years to come, but it is nights like this one that give us more strength to push forward. If you have never been to Adam-Ondi-Ahman, the time is now! Go and have a wonderful experience in a peaceful valley.

On the Road!!!

We are in the midst of our spring tour and would like to thank the wonderful folks in Santee, Hemet, Morro Bay and Irvine California! What a week! Six firesides in seven days! We loved every minute and are grateful to those who took us to see the wonderful sites in these areas such as the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and the wonderful seals just up from Morro Bay and much more. We have made new friends and are grateful for the feedback from those who have a renewed interest in healing their families and finding wholeness and healing through the Atonement! After a rest in St. George with our special cousins Gracia and Ivor Jones we will be heading to Utah for some events there. Although most of the firesides in Utah are private FHE in individual homes for multiple families we do have one that is open to the public as a stake fireside:

April 26
250 W 600 S Lindon UT 7 PM

Thank you so much! We will keep you updated as we go and please remember we do have a donation link in the upper right portion of the page. We are still raising funds for our summer tour which covers several New England states and Canada!

Having Fun in the Media

We recently interviewed for both LDS.net and The Mormon Channel. While at The Mormon Channel, we had the opportunity to tour the church’s very own internet radio station. It’s fascinating to see what the Lord has provided His church with to spread the gospel to all the world! Here are the links to these two interviews.

LDS.net Article

Mormon Channel Interview

Book Now Available!

Rising Hills Cover ThumbFifteen years after I was prompted to write my family’s story I now have it in hand, published and available for all to read. The end result was much different than I had anticipated. I thought it was to be a source of healing for me and my family, but it became a volume of life’s lessons that can help anyone heal from all traumas in their lives through the Atonement. This book has been written in all corners of the United States and in-between as we traveled over the course of twelve years doing firesides and concerts. I met many people who influenced me, by their own struggles, to emphasize the importance of knowing the Savior and understanding the Atonement. There were those who still carried negative feelings toward Emma, but left our firesides healed, carrying a better understanding of Joseph’s widow, and why she stayed in Nauvoo. I knew I would have to include Emma’s story in my book to help people understand the importance of holding a state of love in any situation, not judging those whose situation you have know way of knowing, and letting go of negative feelings concerning events you do not understand. The road to forgiveness, coping, unity, conversion, compassion, letting go, moving forward, the Atonement and opening your heart to the pure love of Christ can all be found in my new book, Rising Hills and Sinking Valleys. The reader will also come to know the Smith family in a manner that has never been opened before. This work of love has been accomplished through many miracles and many trials. I have opened up my own soul and the lives of my predecessors in hopes that all families can heal and unite.

You can order Rising Hills and Sinking Valleys from our online store.

Serenity Blue Video

Something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while now is to make a video for the song Serenity Blue.  A few weeks ago, that goal was realized.  We received permission to use video from the movie Emma Smith, My Story in the video.  This video is a powerful representation about the love Joseph had for those that he left behind when he was called from this earth.  We hope you enjoy it and pass it along to your friends.

Happy Birthday Emma

Well, much has been going on the past few weeks.  Last weekend we were in Independence for the Joseph and Emma Smith family reunion.  As part of the reunion, we sang Happy Birthday to our Grandmother Emma and had cake in her honor.  The two of us also had the privilege to participate in another tribute to the elect lady.  Seth Adam Smith, a good friend of ours, asked us to participate in a video he was making for Emma’s last dream.  It’s a wonderful video that I think you’ll all enjoy.  In other news, our Willow video just reached 10,000 views!  We are currently packing up and getting ready for a long drive to Utah, where we have much planned, including the recording of our album.  So be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on facebook to keep up with everything that’s going on!