The Study of Life


We live in a very busy, noisy, dark world today, and it is a hard generation for the youth to grow up in. They are surrounded by many voices which proclaim the laws of God to be outdated, wrong, or even prejudice. But there are many pockets of light if one knows where to look, and that is where it becomes necessary for us to spend adequate time in research, studying scriptures, and prayer. In doing so we gain the knowledge we need to be in tune with the Holy Ghost so that we might be guided properly through all things.

Our own flesh was given a spirit for the purpose of coming to this earth, gaining wisdom, proclaiming the Gospel, redeeming the dead, and perfecting ourselves so that we might dwell with our Father in heaven. In that process, we are charged with keeping the delicate balance of living in this world without becoming of this world. Our spirits were pure and clean when we received them and as babes we carried them as such until the world began its efforts to fashion them to its own desires. It is during this phase in our lives that we must maintain and build the spirit we have been given in righteousness, resisting the pull of the world that would cause us to vary from the good path.

Since the flesh is subject to the spirit, whatever condition we expose our spirits to, be it of darkness or light, will determine what course our spirits take. By extension our flesh will conform to the change we have put upon our spirits. This will occur in forms of temptation, thought process, righteous or unrighteous choices, etc. One example is listening to dark music. The listener begins to change in their disposition, their countenance grows more grim, they dress darkly, they do not smile as often as they used to, and are even drawn to dark behaviors. Their outlook also becomes negative and rebellious. In light of such spiritual challenges, what then are we doing to shape our spiritual selves and condition them in the ways of our Lord so that we might be able to counter darkness accordingly?

Throughout the scriptures are laid the blueprints of how we must proceed in moving forward in the light of Christ. In that endeavor, we become worthy to dwell with our Father in heaven. Through scripture study and prayer we see what a responsibility is placed upon us, not just toward ourselves but as parents, in making sure that our children have the spiritual and temporal intelligence to choose the right path in any situation as they walk through this worldly path. Those same scriptures and prayers also hold us up in the face of trial and adversity. We have witnessed the value of scripture study and prayer throughout the history of the world, especially in the Restored Gospel. Those strengths are there for us today and should become a part of our daily lives.

I have found every day to be an easier and more balanced process when incorporating scripture study and prayer in my life, and I am grateful for the Gospel which provides so many avenues to problem-solving, strength and endurance in an everchanging world.



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