We did a whirlwind tour this week! Within four days we were in Westchester and Nauvoo, Illinois, doing firesides and giving a personal tour of Nauvoo to some friends. Then we booked it home to Chillicothe to perform with the Livingston County Jamboree Band for the county fair, then on Wednesday, I sang the National Anthem with some friends of mine before a ball game! We were blessed to meet many lovely people who have great testimonies! We also met some who have struggles, yet were strengthened after hearing what we had to say. That is why we do this, to strengthen and uplift others, although I am quick to say the credit for that goes to the Lord 🙂 It is the Spirit that lifts them, we just show up to speak and share music! Love this work! We are grateful to all of our patrons, we could not do this without the help of others. As patronage grows we will be extending our dates and travels! For information about becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month, go to the Patreon link on this page!

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