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I have had many people ask me at firesides about Joseph and Emma’s children. There is never enough time to talk about everything that I would wish to when we are on the road speaking, so I thought I would post this article from our family website which was written by Jannalee Rossner for LDS Living Magazine. A link is provided for the article in this review by Gracia Jones.

Joseph and Emma Grave Marker and Hyrum SmithA review and recommendation by Gracia N. Jones, historian for the Joseph and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society, of the article of that same title by Jannalee Rosner published in LDS Living Magazine October 17, 2015:

Surprising as it may seem, some people have actually thought Joseph and Emma Hale Smith did not have any children; or, on the other hand, have had a clouded image in their minds as to who their children were and what became of them.

Ms. Rosner, in her article “What Happened to Joseph and Emma’s Children,” has provided a brief and concise account of each of the eleven children who came into Joseph and Emma’s parental care. While the brevity of the article leaves many details unclear, the information given in this article is an excellent beginning for anyone seeking to know of this family.

With appreciation for the work done by Jannalee Rosner, we want to make this article available to our family and friends on this website. Link for Rosner’s LDS Living article  https://www.ldsliving.com/What-Happened-to-Joseph-Smith-and-Emma-s-Children/s/80310

For more detail and in-depth understanding, we invite readers to read the extended bios on each of these individuals as presented on this site. In the future more articles will be provided here which will fill in some of the gaps still remaining regarding the lives, activities, and contributions to their world, by the posterity of Joseph and Emma.

Gracia N. Jones



How Lovely Was the Morning?

This is a good story on dating Joseph Smith’s First Vision. It is from the Joseph Smith Jr., and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society website. We are ambassadors for the society and would like to share this story. Please browse the site for other information, it is fascinating!

Dating the First Vision





The Joseph Smith Estate

As we have traveled many people ask us about certain parts of LDS history. I will be posting articles and information here so that they can be accessible to those who are researching, or would just like to learn new things. The first article I want to hi-light is what happened in Nauvoo and within the Smith family, after the death of Joseph Smith. This article, “Joseph Smith and Legal Process: In the Wake of the Steamboat Nauvoo,” is one of many accounts of what transpired. It is centered around Joseph’s estate and what occurred as a result of not making out a will during his lifetime. It is from the BYU Law Review, Volume 1976, Issue 3. The authors are Dallin H. Oaks and Joseph I. Bentley. There is much information in this article of the trials that both Emma and the brethren suffered after Joseph was killed.

“Joseph Smith and the Legal Process: In the Wake of the Steamboat Nauvoo.”


The Other Husband

I have heard many people say unkind things about Lewis Bidamon, Emma Smith’s second husband. Gracia Jones has written a most informative article about the man who married Emma Hale Smith three years after Joseph’s death. Upon reading this article,  the reader will find Lewis Bidamon to be a kind man who has human failings as we all do, but he was a good step father to Emma’s children, and he did all that he could to help the family survive in Nauvoo. What I was delighted to read was, though not a religious man himself, how staunchly he stood up for The Church and its members, not even allowing anyone to talk against the Prophet Joseph Smith!

In Honor of Major Lewis Crum Bidamon