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Born in Maryville, Tennessee in 1962, to Joseph and Sue Smith, Kimberly has used her love of writing music and stories to expound upon the importance of family. After learning at the age of 12 that she had an ancestor named Joseph Smith, Jr., who built a church, Kimberly began a journey that would reveal to her a heritage she had never known, and a family that had been sorely broken.  Kimberly lives in Provo, Utah with her two children, Bryan and Leah. She Devotes much of her time to writing and speaking on the importance of healing within the family. Her new book, Rising Hills and Sinking Valleys, a journey of her line of the Smith family, was released December of 2012. It is her desire as she shares what the Smith family has endured on their journey to find hope through Jesus Christ, that families may realize through Him all things are possible.  There is no greater time than now to pull our families together.

Bryan Dale Davis was born in 1986, in Ava Missouri. From a young age, he found that he shared a great love of music with his mother, Kimberly Smith. After Bryan’s conversion to the Church in 2000, he began to learn more of the history of his ancestry and his lineage to Joseph and Emma Smith. That same year Bryan and his mother began doing firesides throughout the western states, learning as he bore witness to those gathered that there is nothing as precious to Heavenly Father as family, and the unity thereof. Bryan served in the Canada Vancouver Mission from 2005-2007, he currently lives in Provo, Utah and recently released a CD of songs that he co-wrote and recorded with his mother.

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